One of our most popular features at the store is our inviting bedroom settings; and one of the most repeated questions, “how can I do this in my bedroom”?

When I’m creating a new setting I put a lot of me into it…what you would find in my bedroom if you visited! I want a cozy, inviting feeling of warmth when I retreat for the night after a long day; I want something that shouts “cuddle up here and forget all your worries”. In other words, I want a scrumptious and lush bed!
It’s so fun to give your bedroom a facelift; easy as adding to an established bedding ensemble or picking all new to add a splash to some favorite accents in the room.

Let’s take a look at some of our customers favorite colors and patterns pulled together in our new fall displays. (more…)

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Do you feel the crispness and excitement in the air for the up and coming gathering of the seasons? We’re thrilled to welcome you to our new blog page!

I was so inspired after returning from buying trips in July, that I hit the floor running with grand concepts for walls, vignettes, and whole new rooms. I really wanted to bring a fantastic Fall and Christmas freshness to the store not only in merchandise, but in style and presentation as well; mixing new trends with classic concepts and vintage. All the grandmothers and aunties are going to love the darling baby line as well. (more…)

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