Don’t forget the high spots when bringing the merriment of the season into your décor!  Above cabinets, on a high ledge, above a bookcase or armoire are commonly overlooked when decorating your home, especially for the Holidays.  Using great textures, colors, and different shapes and heights can add visual interest to your room.  

Do collections of certain items, or even some of your collectibles.  I like to enhance what’s already there without changing, but just repeating the holiday theme chosen.  Adding touches of whimsy, glitter and glitz, or natural accents like wood or branches are easy elements to bring in. 

Here are some ideas on taking the holiday glamour to a new height this season!  


This collection sets atop of an armoire in the store.  This old window shutter is a great anchor for this gathering architecture and glitz.  I only removed a fall arrangement to prepare for this holiday setting.  In the taller aqua colored vase we tucked in sprigs of evergreen with pinecones, tall candy canes, and glittery holly leafs with jeweled berries.  We applied a metallic fleck laurel leaf wreath to the window shutter and topped it with a glitter red metal bow that pulls the sparkle from the berries in the vase.  Along the front we draped a loose evergreen garland, accented it with the glittery green eucalyptus, added different sizes of red ornaments to tie in the red sparkle from above, and added the striped frosted red balls to repeat the candy cane theme.  Again we topped it with a glitter metal bow, only this time repeating the green sparkle. 

These metal bows are a great change from traditional ribbon, it brings a beautiful sparkle to your décor, the metal is shapeable making it easy to work with and it adds a new texture to your collection.  


This bookcase is located in the same room setting as the pervious collection.  See how we carried the same theme throughout… We used the same red ornaments to carry over the red sparkle and the striped frosted red balls to repeat the candy canes pattern.  We used natural twigs that we cut outside on the property and accented with the same glittery green eucalyptus.  We used the loose evergreen garland again, only this time starting it within the urn to add another element to the arrangement and then draping throughout the top of the bookcase and accenting it with a glitzy lime green garland of glass beads. 


These wicker baskets with the natural wood elements make this crouched hare right at home with the burlap bowed lantern, and oil canvas landscape.  Touches of greenery accented with the glittery gold sprays put the holiday spirit in this setting.  You don’t always have to use the traditional holiday colors to creative a festive setting and this is a great example, with using natural elements and a little sparkle.  Humm… I think this is one of my favorites! 


This angel with her sweet repose looks down on the setting below… 


This dining setting we used brilliant silver and silver…and more silver!  Unfortunately my photography skills aren’t the best and I have blocked the view of the garden urn perched to the left of this sweet angel…it was kind of fun with pine sprigs emerging with giant silver ornaments piled high and glitzy silver leaves spilling over.  With the theme of “silver”, we continued to pile the silver ornaments in mixed sizes over the loose pine garland and accented with the glitzy silver leaves and added the over-sized silver glitter poinsettias; really made the top of this hutch sparkle with holiday spirit! 


Here’s a different height you can take your holiday décor to… This gorgeous iron chandelier resides above the dining table in the same room setting as the previous collection; hence ALL of the “silver”… 


This chandelier has an open container in the center which allowed us to fill it with greens and lots of silver ornaments. We rounded the outer edge with a garland of twigs coated with snow and tucked in strands of clear beads in three lengths creating this spectacular draping crystal effect.  We extended the greenery down, out the bottom and intertwined with the jingle bells, at the bottom of the chandelier we grouped the silver pinecones and large crystal ornaments which brought the silver color down from up top and also allowed us to hide the wire needed to secure the greenery and bells. 


Here’s another fun way to take your festive elements up high… 


This mirror is above a buffet in the same silver dining setting from above.  We’ve draped a frosted loose pine garland from the top right corner extending down to the buffet and across the top to the left corner of the mirror.  The silver metallic ribbon bow wraps throughout the garland to both ends.  The different sizes of silver ornaments are tucked in along the trail of the ribbon.  We introduced a new silver element to the setting, the two glittery silver iron stars with crystal accents.  And we repeated the sparkling red “Merry Christmas” from the hutch, along the top drape of the garland. 

Thanks for taking a look at this week’s topic, hope I’ve given you some inspiration for your holiday decorating and please share your thoughts with me!  Stay tuned!! 

4 Responses to “ Take your Holiday to a New Height! ”

  1. Delores Williams(red-head Springfield) says:

    Hi Vickie & Max, Just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed your blogs. Hope you are enjoying your few days away from the store. We will see ya’ll on Nov. 20th…..there will be 10 of our CA friends. Hope the Bistro has bread pudding that day. Everyone is looking forward to the visit. Have a BLESSED day. Delores

  2. M. Mackey says:

    Love the blog… Our group of seven was just there last Thursday (our very first visit). It was wonderful to see the beautiful items “up close and personal”. We were inspired by the displays and purchased several things to replicate at our own homes. Although our time was limited (we were on our way to Tulsa), we also enjoyed the fantastic aromas coming from the Bistro. So anxious to return again soon!

  3. Brenda Stanley says:

    My sister and I loved your booth a the Nutcracker Market in Houston. We would like to visit your store. Can you send us your address and directions. When is the best time of the year to visit? Can you recomend a hotel? We want to plan a vacation around visiting you guys. Thank you

  4. admin says:

    Some customers would say any time of the year is perfect to visit our store, but I am partial to the late spring because all of the gardens are planted and in bloom which is a real treat for the eye, along with all of the treasures inside the store!! If you visit our website at http://www.sandstonegardens.com, the “store info” page will give you everything you need including directions. See you soon!

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