One of our most popular features at the store is our inviting bedroom settings; and one of the most repeated questions, “how can I do this in my bedroom”?

When I’m creating a new setting I put a lot of me into it…what you would find in my bedroom if you visited! I want a cozy, inviting feeling of warmth when I retreat for the night after a long day; I want something that shouts “cuddle up here and forget all your worries”. In other words, I want a scrumptious and lush bed!
It’s so fun to give your bedroom a facelift; easy as adding to an established bedding ensemble or picking all new to add a splash to some favorite accents in the room.

Let’s take a look at some of our customers favorite colors and patterns pulled together in our new fall displays.

This setting is a combination of classic and contemporary.  The tone on tones, bold stripes, the damask, and the brocaded accents bring forward the classics, while the graphic prints, bold florals and colors introduce the contemporary.

I tell my customers to start first with a theme and to follow that theme through when adding layers, prints, patterns, and color.  The theme for this ensemble is the bold floral quilt at the foot of the bed. The print is repeated in a euro sham in the second row of pillows, the colors are repeated with the blue in the bed skirt, the bold striped euro shams, and the classic damask standard size pillows, the green is in the different layers of the quilts and the bold stripes on the euro sham.

Using the multiple layers and patterns gives it a collected feel.  Rarely do I ever select consistently from one company, I combine several companies to achieve my collection. 

In the displays at the store I layer the quilts 6 to 8 deep; I, of course don’t suggest this to customers, the cost could grow beyond the budget!  The quilts are all patterns and colors that blend well together.  I will suggest that you pick at least three or add two new to your existing pattern from home.

As I apply my selected quilts I use a laying effect that I call “stacking back”.  Each layer is folded back in an accordion type fold to display the unique layer just below and keeping in mind easy access at night!  I also like for my linens to be exposed, why not let the luxurious lace or a fabulous pattern become another enticing layer.

The pillows on my display beds are layered deep…very deep!!  My beds at home are the same; again I want a very scrumptious look.  Of course everyone has their own limits as to how long it takes to strip the bed for sleeping at night!!

My suggestions are to mix your sizes and shapes of your pillows even if it’s limited to 6 or 8.  I would start with a few euro shams, add some standard pillows, and finish off with a couple of accent pillows; always carrying the theme throughout your selections.

This ensemble is Country English with a flare of contemporary.  More of a tailored look, less fluff, not as feminine…making the men feel at home as well!

The chocolate European damask, the muted red historical botanical with vintage ticking, along with the tweed accents makes this collection lean towards a warm masculine feeling; and still using multiple layers of colors and patterns to achieve a collected and luxurious look.

Ruched and Ruffled!!  This collection is ever so soft, feminine and romantic.  Its tone on tones, ruffles and ruched accents brings back an old classic.


The Bedding Blues!!

These next two ensembles are great examples of the popular blue trend.  Blues are back, from aqua and teal hues to wedgewood and cobalt.  I love to mix the blues with corals and chocolates…

The following is again in the blues, but a more casual mix and one of the stores best sellers.

And last, but not least!!  This is a great ensemble that is very contemporary with its bold color and graphic designs.

If you need some inspiration visit the store or if you need some help pulling together a new scrumptious look for your bedroom, ask for me or one of the girls will be more than happy to lend a helping hand!  Stay tuned!

2 Responses to “ Pillow Talk: Uncover Your Perfect Ensemble ”

  1. marilyn thrasher says:

    loved all the collections. Fun to see the beautiful patterns and the way the patterns work in together to make a gorgeous statement. Will be visiting there the week before Halloween and can’t wait!

  2. Joyce says:

    Vicki helped me a few weeks ago create something beautiful for my bedroom. I hope to take pictures out to her soon so she can see the end result. Layers and textures I would never have thought of are now bringing me such a relaxing and restful bedroom. Thank you Vicki!

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